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At Friendly Nails & Spa, we take pride in the quality of work that our nail technicians perform. We offer the highest levels of professionalism and sanitation for our clients while providing the best services and keeping our prices reasonable.

We can guarantee that services you receive at Friendly Nails & Spa use the latest technologies and trends in the nail industry.

You deserve the best in beauty and we are here to offer that to you. So book an appointment and see why we are the best in Albany, Georgia

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Psychedelic Animal Print

I was rifling through my stamping plates a few weeks ago (during my ‘nail art equipment’ Periscope) and I got very nostalgic when I saw my Konad plates. This M57 plate, the one with the zebra-tiger and leopard print, was the very first plate I ever lusted after and pretty much kicked off my nail art obsession. I vowed to use it again soon and I think Day 13 of the challenge, animal print, is the perfect opportunity.

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Harley Quinn x Suicide Squad Nail Art

2016 is going to be an epic year for comic book movie adaptations so I really have my work cut out for me. I realised today that I’ve never done Deadpool and the shame swept over me pretty fast. I’m no stranger to a bit of Harley Quinn Nail Art but with her latest incarnation and updated look from Suicide Squad, I thought it was a good time to create an fresh nail art look to go along with it. It’s a nice mix of the old and the new with her ombre pigtails inspiring the gradient and the classic harlequin pattern throwing back to the old school.

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Art Deco Inspo: New Year’s Nail Art

It’s nearly time to wave goodbye to 2016 and I know a lot of us will be happy to see it go. On the whole, it really does seem like 2016 was a pretty terrible year but perhaps that’s because I live in the same pop culture as everyone else on Twitter and I just got sucked into it all. Whatever your thoughts on the last 12 months, I hope everyone is rounding off the year with fun festivities and killer nails!

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6 Fresh Colour Combos for Your Summer Gradient Nail Art

There’s a perfect time and place for gradient nails so bright and juicy that they’re just begging for attention. The time is summer and the place is everywhere! Here are 6 colour combos that’ll get you started and don’t forget to scroll to the end for a gradient tutorial!

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Very nice spa. Service is excellent! I wanted to wait a few weeks before writing this review to see how long my nails would last. I'm happy to report that they were still chip-free after 2 weeks! I came to salon with a few of my friends and I called a few days before my anticipated visit to make an appointment for four people for a Thursday morning. When we arrived we were greeted very warmly by the receptionist. Two of us got gel manis with regular pedis and the other two got regular mani-pedis. The salon did not smell at all like chemicals, which amazed me, and it had a very relaxing, spa-like, feel to it.


I was extremely satisfied with my regular mani pedi today. It was flawless and fast. I was in and out in a little less than an hour. I tipped them in cash and I headed on my way. It's been a week, and my nails are still in good order. A week is an extra ordinary long time for me to not have chips in my polish. I'm very prone to ruining my nails, sometimes even before I have a chance to leave the salon. Thanks, my visit was pleasant and I didn't require much more than what they had offered. Love the quick and impeccable service. I am definitely coming back!


I LOVE coming here! This place hands down blows my mind on how great and detail oriented they are. I've recently gotten into nail art and this place has truly qualified nail artists who are not only good at recreating nail art, but are also amazing at creating their own designs. I've had my fair share of nail art experiences and no one has had the level of detail like this place has. My nail artist made sure she was painting my nails extremely cleanly but also as close as possible to my cuticles without getting any paint on them. Also in many previous experiences of getting nail art done at other places, the designs or stones can be placed crooked because of the angle that the specific nail artist is seeing my nails is at an awkward point, but my nail artist made sure to check from every angle to make sure my stones were places on straight.


I love this place so much they so nice and I love my nails so much ????

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